Gamification sounds like a bit of fun, but what really is it? Well, Gamification is integrating gaming principles and concepts for experiences / business activities that aren’t games. An example of this is by offering incentives or a rewards system to encourage engagement and participation. Discover how digital marketers can use gamification within their marketing strategy.


Why Gamify?

Games are fun, so why wouldn’t marketers incorporate an element of fun into their marketing strategies to encourage engagement? Gamification encourages people to participate, as often there is a reward or prize at the end which can be theirs to win. Most organisations use an element of this technique already within their marketing strategies without even realising it.


It is a successful technique as it gives consumers an element of satisfaction as they are being rewarded at the end of an activity. For example, a coffee club may have a rewards system where every 6th coffee is free. Once the consumer reaches their free coffee, they are pleased with their ‘prize’ as they feel as if they have accomplished a goal and are being rewarded through for it (without realising the other side of the situation, where it actually just means that they have continuously spent money at that café to achieve the goal of free coffee). Gamification works well as it pressures people into coming back and achieving more, which as a result, heightens the organisations long-term engagement.


Furthermore, it also creates an element of competition which encourages people to compete and strive further for the next goal. Just think of a company that has a tiering system, once you have hit the first tier, you want to push for the next. The overall goal is to reach the last tier which ultimately gives you bragging rights as you have hit the ‘finish line’ and can say that you are one of that brand’s biggest supporters whilst also most likely reaping the biggest benefits. Sounds a bit sad, but as most of us have a competitive gene, this is what tends to happen. This is where fear marketing comes into play. Fear marketing will use gamification against us and make us spend more money or buy unhealthy, unnecessary things just to achieve the ‘goal’ or ‘prize’ that is waiting for us at the end. Although this is a negative for the consumer, it works out well in the businesses favour.



  • Don’t make it overly confusing or complicated as this can discourage people and do the opposite affect that you are hoping to achieve.
  • Make your rewards appealing and relevant to your consumer’s needs, as this will encourage engagement. If you are choosing a reward that you know your customer won’t be overly thrilled with, what will make them participate in the first place?
  • Fun and Simple. Try starting small so that it is easy enough for your consumers to reach a few goals, which will keep them engaged. Once you have a high proportion of loyal, returning customers, then you can look to advancing or extending the challenges.


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