The modern business landscape is continually evolving and, as such, your education marketing and law firm marketing strategies need to respond accordingly.

While both sectors are, of course, providing incredibly different services, there is still some overlap in their marketing. In recent years, technological advances have influenced clients and their expectations drastically. Those operating within these industries are now under pressure to respond to such change or, alternatively, be left behind in the rush and risk losing out to competitors.

Whether you’re conducting education marketing or law firm marketing, connecting with your prospective customers is crucial. If a prospect customer doesn’t trust you, or feels that you won’t provide them with an exceptional service, they’re not going to want to commit to your business.

Education and legal advice or representation can be particularly costly and when consumers are deciding which organisation to go with, they’re likely going to put a lot of thought into their choice. You need to convince them and provide them with valuable reassurance that they are, in fact, making the right decision by going with your business. Prospects have to feel as though they will be better off with you, and digital marketing is a great way to establish yourself as a trusted brand that they can rely on – and that will help them achieve the outcome their desire.


What Does Education Marketing Focus on?

Typically, education providers are faced with several barriers that prevent potential customers from committing to their establishment. The following are common worries that instil doubt in prospect’s minds:

  • Individuals are concerned about whether they will be able to find a job once they finish studying;
  • Education has become expensive, with university students now paying more than double what the generation before them did;
  • Individuals are worried that their chosen career may not exist when they complete their studies.

To overcome these key concerns of their target audience, there are various campaign messages and themes that education providers often aim to focus on. These include:

  • Messaging that supports employability, conveying to prospective students that with a secondary education from your establishment they will be prepared for the challenges of the ‘real world’ job market.
  • Inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and chase the career they’ve always wanted.
  • Showing prospects that with an education at your establishment, they will be prepared to manage and overcome the uncertainty of the future.

So, where does digital marketing come into the mix?

Digital marketing can help your establishment effectively convey each of these key messages to your target audience, while also assisting you in maintaining an ongoing relationship with them.


The Role of Digital in Education Marketing

With digital, you can connect with prospects in a meaningful, authentic way.

For an individual to apply to your establishment, they need to trust you. To build trust, you will need to ensure that members of your target audience feel confident that your establishment will meet their needs accordingly and get them to where they want to be. Digital marketing can help you provide this reassurance, giving you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors and construct a strong brand.

When it comes to education marketing, eliminating any doubt in your audience’s mind as to whether they’re making the right decision is crucial. With digital marketing you can share valuable insights into life at your university and relevant information, helping remove some of their uncertainty.


What Does Law Firm Marketing Focus on? 

A common challenge that law firms work to overcome is the public’s perception of their profession, which is often negative. Luckily, similarly to in the education sector, digital marketing can help your business build a strong brand and make yourself known in the legal world.


The Role of Digital in Law Firm Marketing 

When a client comes to your law firm for assistance, they often have something at stake. Whether it’s money, relationships, freedom, their reputation or the like, such factors will play a significant role in their final decision. If they don’t trust your firm will help them get the results they desire then they’ll likely look elsewhere.

With digital marketing, you can establish your law firm as an industry leader by clearly conveying your expertise to prospects. By focusing on search engine optimisation, you will also be able to reach new member of your target audience and drive more traffic to your website. This can, in turn, help you connect with more individuals in a positive way.

Find out what digital marketing can do for your law firm marketing or education marketing strategy today.