Technology has undeniably influenced every aspect of business, from accounting to operations and marketing. With digital marketing tools readily available for businesses, it has become increasingly easier to reach a business’ target customers. However, these digital marketing tools require specific technical skills that not all marketers are equipped with. The State of Skills: Digital Marketing 2018 report by General Assembly reports that there is a marketing skills gap and that is driven by the lack of data skills among corporate marketers. The report also found that programmatic advertising, A/B testing, and search engine optimisation (SEO), are technical topics that marketers found to struggle with the most. The wide-ranging skills gap exists because corporate marketers are more inclined to offline channels and campaigns, while digital-native marketers, who outscored corporate marketers in the research, are more skilled at social media marketing and other digital channels.

Accenture’s Turbulence for the CMO report reveals that almost 4 out of 10 chief marketing officers (CMOs) admit that they do not have the right people, tools, and resources to achieve their marketing objectives and that a number of them are finding difficulty in quantifying marketing return on investment (ROI). To address these issues, businesses often look to marketing specialists from agencies that offer a wide range of digital and non-digital services to properly market their products and services. But if yours is a business operating in the education, IT, or technology industry, how must you market yourself in the fast-changing industry? Here are some benefits to working with a digital marketing specialist to develop education marketing strategies, IT marketing activities, or technology marketing tactics that meet your business objectives.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists provide you access to the skills you need to succeed, without having to invest in training and development.

Imagine you are manufacturing or industrial business whose core competency is producing construction and building materials. You will need to set up an internal marketing team to handle all marketing activities. Training and developing talent takes time, money, and resources, and may cause delays in your overall business process. Working with digital marketing specialists to develop industrial marketing strategies or manufacturing marketing strategies not only frees up your resources, it also provides you access to the skills you need at the time you need it. No more learning curve, no more delays, especially when campaigns change as the seasons do. You will need an agile digital marketing team that’s flexible so you can keep up with the changing market. Digital marketing specialists can help close the marketing skills gap in your in-house team by providing insights and advice on how to strategically define your digital marketing efforts.

Helps in managing marketing budgets more efficiently and effectively.

Digital marketing doesn’t end with a list of online activities to execute. In fact, that’s only the beginning. Digital marketing specialists are tasked to come up with not only your financial services marketing and insurance marketing strategies, but also to track your spending across different digital platforms and campaigns. It is their responsibility to track conversions, check for optimisation, and budget their future digital marketing expenses accordingly. Having a digital marketing specialist on hand will not only help you manage your marketing budgets more efficiently and effectively, they will also provide insights on which campaigns work and which don’t—and which ones you should be spending on.

Aids in developing multi-channel marketing activities that help meet your business objectives.

According to Accenture’s Turbulence for the CMO report, CMOs believe that the rate at which their companies improve is dependent on five major capabilities, namely offering innovation, customer analytics, digital orientation, customer engagement and marketing operations. Surprisingly, the report found that digital orientation has scored the weakest performance out of the five, in a time where digital marketing is at its peak. This may be the reason why more and more businesses are looking to marketing agencies and digital marketing specialists to develop strategies that truly work. The report found that about 45% and 75% of marketing activities are already managed by digital agencies, specialised agencies and marketing service providers and that CMOs are “generally more satisfied” with marketing areas that are handled by agencies and external partners than their in-house teams.

Provides fresh perspectives on your business.

In-house teams who work on your business may have a biased view of your company and the products and services you provide. Digital marketing specialists from third party agencies can give you a fresh look on your operations and strategies and provide new insights on how you can improve. Whereas internal employees may be reluctant to raise issues because they’re fearful of causing internal conflict or worse, losing their jobs.

Guarantees accountability and scalability.

Teaming up with digital marketing specialists at a marketing agency enables you to scale your marketing efforts. Marketing agencies are flexible enough to accommodate your needs as your business grows. Whether you are developing law firm marketing strategies for your law practice or insurance marketing for your insurance business, marketing agencies and their digital marketing specialists will be on hand to guarantee accountability for each strategy they develop and each campaign they carry out.

Digital marketing specialists can help strengthen your marketing, whether you already have an in-house team or are looking to outsource one. A B2B digital marketing agency such as The Lead Agency can assist in developing marketing strategies that are aligned with your business goals and objectives. Our teams specialise in insurance marketing, financial services marketing, law firm marketing, industrial marketing, manufacturing marketing, technology marketing, IT marketing, education marketing, and more, to ensure that you meet your targets and create meaningful business outcomes.