NSW Family Day Care Association
NSW Family Day Care Association

Official Partner Assocation

The NSW Family Day Care Association Inc. was established in 1976 with this aim:

To promote and support all aspects of Family Day Care in the community. Since its inception, the Association has worked to maintain an outstanding level of support for all of its members and create healthy, safe and vibrant environments for individual educators and the children in their care. The overall role of the Association is the promotion of the wellbeing of children as we strive for excellence in our service delivery. Family Day Care, by the very nature of the service, has a wealth of extremely talented and skilled people working within organisations. It is up to us as individuals to be involved and encourage the involvement of others to participate for the benefit of our colleagues and ultimately the children of our future.

This aim is achieved through the following objectives:

  • To promote the wellbeing of children and to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas relating to children and their needs
  • To inform and support those involved in Family Day Care
  • To act on problems and coordinate solutions specific to Family Day Care in NSW
  • To act as a body on research, education, publicity and submissions relating to Family Day Care
  • To disseminate information relating to Family Day Care
  • To act as an advisory body
  • To liaise with government and non-government organisations