Does the introduction of revolutionary formulas of lip plumpers foreshadow the decrease of popularity in lip fillers and painful procedures?

Beauty is a concept that has changed more times than anyone could imagine. Yet, the end goal is always the same – to achieve a standard of beauty akin to current beauty trends. Long before the rise of the cosmetics industry and companies that made the products, women turned to nature and explored the options of self-made makeup products. However, with the advancement of technology and the fast development of every branch of the beauty industry, it got to a point where natural beauty could be further enhanced in the doctor’s office. But is this practice declining today? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and find out.

Background of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The first plastic surgery was recorded thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, with records of treatments of a broken nose. Indian doctors had also carried out reconstructive surgery techniques by 800 BC. Although the treatments were vastly different from what we know today, these records show that reconstructive surgery had appeared very early in human civilisation.

The Romans were the first people to perform cosmetic plastic surgery around the 1st century BC. Even though these were simple procedures such as repairing damaged ears, it underpinned the path for further development of the industry.

Taking into consideration that anaesthesia began to be used fairly late – in the late 18th and early 19th century, these plastic surgery procedures involved great and sometimes unbearable pain. Years later, during World War I, the modern techniques of plastic surgery began developing.  Sir Harold Gillies, the father of plastic surgery, was a New Zealand otolaryngologist and worked with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

The Beginnings and Development of Lip Augmentation Procedures

Today, cosmetic surgery procedures are considered voluntary or elective types of surgery intended to improve a person’s physical appearance. In the same manner, lip fillers were introduced to the public as early as in the 19th century with unimaginable formulas of the injectable fillers. For example, they were made from analogous fat that was used before in dermatology to reconstruct the deformities of the face in the patients of tuberculosis. This practice was experimental and never took off, but the phenomenon of plumped lips continued to increase its popularity.

There were lots of doctors that were willing to try everything as a filler and as it was the experimental phase lots of problems had arisen. Some of those fillers were liquid paraffin which was very quickly claimed as a failure; silicone that gave results but was dangerous and posed a threat to the health of the patient. Even more absurd was the use of bovine (beef) collagen into the lips by surgeons in the ‘70s.

Human collagen was introduced into plastic surgery in the ’90s and since then, fillers were made with more advanced substances such as hyaluronic acid, a substance present in our bodies and part of the formula of almost every skincare product.

An Unexpected Boom

With the rise of influencer celebrities like Kylie Jenner, lip augmentation procedures’ popularity suddenly exploded. In 2015, she admitted that she had had her lips done and what happened next left us all in disbelief. In just 24 hours since her announcement, 70% rise in enquiries for lip fillers were noted in the USA alone, a statistic by the American Society of Plastics Surgeons. The numbers round up to 27,000 Americans having their lips done in 2015.

It’s safe to say that lip fillers have captured the attention of all those who wanted bigger and plumper lips. However, the side effects of this surgical procedure cannot be ignored.

side effects of lip fillers

Dangerous Side Effects of Lip Fillers

When you are looking at a nice, big, plump and voluptuous set of lips on the Internet or in the magazines you are pretty much convinced that you’d go through anything to have those lips. However, if you do a bit of research about the side effects, the reality becomes different and a bit harsher.

The side effects of lip augmentation can be small, almost insignificant and very bad. Patients can leave the doctor’s office with swelling, bleeding and a momentary numbness. However, they can end up with far more serious consequences. For example, excessive swelling can last up to 2 weeks. The injection might hit a nerve and cause nerve damage in the lip area. Asymmetry is also a common side effect that not only looks awful but hurts, as well. The injections can activate or reactivate cold sores causing infection and inflammation and in the worst-case scenario, be diagnosed with skin cancer.

Declining Number of People Getting Lip Fillers

As more and more people are becoming aware of the side effects of these lip augmentation procedures, the decline in the number of people using lip fillers is becoming real. The reason for this is the voice of people who had suffered the aforementioned grave consequences and the sight of unsuccessful stories are pretty much appalling. On the other hand, lip fillers are very expensive, and the doctor’s appointments can cost a small fortune, as well. Additionally, lip augmentation procedures must be repeated every few months because the effect wears off steadily.

Another reason for the decline of the number of people getting lip fillers is the appearance of revolutionary new and advanced formulas of lip plumpers that have swept people off their feet with their cost-efficiency, effectiveness, availability and ease of application.

Lip Plumpers to Save the Day

The lip plumper is a lip makeup products that contain ingredients that naturally irritate the lip area, increase the blood flow to the lips and as a result, lips become naturally swollen and plumped. The most common ingredients in the formula are cinnamon, wintergreen, capsaicin which is a spicy chemical in chilli peppers, ginger, menthol and caffeine. All of these ingredients are potent irritants which help lips look instantly bigger.

side effects of lip fillers

The Effect of the Lip Plumpers

The effect of lip plumpers does not last long. However, the fact that it can be reapplied easily like lipstick does not cost as much as the lip fillers. In fact, one can find quality lip plumpers up to $100 maximum. On the other hand, there are lip plumpers that are used as treatment lip plumpers and contain collagen in the formula. With a regular application on a daily basis, they guarantee a permanent enlargement of the lips.

Lip Fillers Vs Lip Plumpers

When you compare both options of achieving plump lips, you can notice how different they are. Even though the lip fillers grant you an instant enhanced look of the lips that will last for some months, the health risks are enormous. Professionals, surgeons and dermatologists advise and reassure the patients that the side effects are real but very rare. However, if you put in the equation that lip fillers will get them paid big money, it becomes evident why this reassurance is substantiated in the first place.

On the other hand, lip plumpers give an instant effect but it won’t last that long. Fortunately, you can always reapply it and plump your lips without any pain and health risks. Yes, there is a tingling sensation but it feels quite normal.

What is Happening Now with People’s Decisions?

The biggest barrier remains that anyone interested does not thoroughly research their options before making a decision. With the internet and all available information on any topic, it should be easy to check all the facts and decide what solution would be ideal for you. In addition, the existence of powerful influencers on social media platforms doesn’t help the case. In fact, they are so convincing that people make a decision to get their lips done just because their favourite celebrity did it too.

Looking back to the past and into the future, it is becoming obvious that these practices will decline as well. The cosmetic industry is fast developing and with the revolutionary methods it discovers along the way, it may offer even more advanced lip makeup solutions that get you to the end goal leaving all the pain behind.

The Bottom Line

It is safe to say that cosmetology has discovered how to stand in the way of plastic surgery for the sole purpose of beautifying oneself. One way is the introduction of lip plumpers, which today are a popular solution for lip enhancement for many celebrities and people around the world. The easy access, availability, low cost and instant effect make this lip makeup product a favourite among makeup lovers. And due to the same features, it is here to stay.