It seems that everyone these days are implementing content marketing tactics into their marketing strategy, making it hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Discover what to include in each of your blog posts in order to gain attraction and achieve your business goals. 


Before you start writing

Before you even set out to start writing your blog content, it is important to determine the core reasons as to why you are writing a blog in the first place! Perhaps it is purely for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes, or maybe you want to provide insights to your audience? Either way, it is important to select a goal so that when writing and publishing your content, you can ensure that you are completing the right steps and including the right information. 

Another key tip is to select and determine your audience. Who will your blog be written for? What do they want to read about? This is important as it is useless to go to the effort of writing a blog if you are not writing it to attract and resonate with your key target audience. 

Not mandatory, but definitely helpful, is to construct a list of blog ideas at the start and plan out which topic you will be writing about each week/fortnight/month etc. Not only will this make it much easier for you when writing each blog, but it also helps to avoid similarities within your content and ensures there is a nice flow between blog topics. 


Title & Introduction 

Catchy and Inviting. It is important for your title and introduction to capture the attention of your audience and make them want to read the blog post. If you lose the reader within the introduction, they are just going to opt out, making your blog post a waste of time which will lessen the chances of you achieving your original goal for the blogs. 

For example, take a look at Glenda Wynyard‘s opening paragraph on both her personal website ‘Glenda Wynyard‘ and media and advertising agency, The Media Precinct. By opening with an introduction on who you are as a person / organisation, it allows the reader to form a connection and become invested in the content that they are reading.



Make your blog look fun and easy to read by breaking your text up with imagery and subheadings. No one wants to read through a large chunk of text with no relief. By breaking the text up, it makes the blog reading look smaller, which is much more inviting to the reader as they know they can reach the end easily enough. 



If the topic of the content allows for it, bring some humour and personality into the writing to connect and engage with the reader. No one wants to read a dry piece that is just factual (unless of course you are writing about a serious topic, you are excused from this tip if that is the case). 


Alternative Media

Why not take your blog to the next level and create an audio version. Not only will podcasts broaden your audience reach, but it is also a great way to connect and communicate with the audience on a deeper level. A great example of a professional podcast is ‘Pending Approval‘ which is Glenda Wynyard’s newest podcast that is available on Spotify. Glenda Wynyard’s podcast is hosted by The Media Precinct, Sydney’s full service agency that works alongside brands to create actionable changes within the media and advertising industry. For more, visit Glenda Wynyard via LinkedIn.



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