Retargeted ads keep your brand in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. By showing your business to customers two or three times online, they are driven towards making a purchase. Remarketing advertisements appear across a multitude of websites, ensuring that your brand remains in the forefront of their minds. 


Take a look at the following remarketing tips that make make you question your pay per click marketing campaign: 


People don’t care about the ‘stalker’ factor. 

When people were first introduced to remarketing, it freaked a lot of people out to say the least. Due to the lack of knowledge amongst consumers about how it worked and with the changes within social media occurring at quite a rapid speed, it is only natural that individuals were starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Not knowing how the internet was able to know what they just looked at, it made people think that organisations and the government were able to access private documents or information stored within their personal computers / electronic devices. Because of this reaction, businesses started to get paranoid that they were going to lose their consumers loyalty and trust if they implemented retargeting / remarketing tactics within their marketing strategies. Well this is not what businesses should be worried about. Consumers no longer care as quite frankly, this is old news. Instead what businesses need to be mindful of is that they are not fatiguing their consumers with their ads and branding. Ad fatigue refers to the idea that the more times the same consumer views your ad, the less likely they are to click on it as it starts to blend in with its surroundings. A good way to avoid ad fatigue is to constantly change your ad creatives and perhaps even occasionally change it up to be slightly off-brand to intrigue your consumers. 


Powerful Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Tool

Long gone are the days of the traditional sales and marketing funnel, with consumers often coming towards businesses from left, right and centre. Consumers can enter the marketing funnel at any stage now and the best part about remarketing is technically, they can never leave, making it a great CRO tool as hopefully at some stage your ads influence your consumer to make that purchase (and convert). 


Facebook and Google Display Network

In regards to remarketing platforms, the Google Display Network and Facebook are the best platforms as they offer the greatest reach. The Google Display Network has the ability to reach 90% of Internet users worldwide whilst Facebook has more than 1.4 billion users, with majority of them using the social media platform at least once a day. 


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