The days of ‘winging’ it are over. Social media has been around for long enough now that we know it isn’t going anywhere soon, so it is time to sit down and think hard about what you are going to do to cut through the crowd and stand out. Although it has only been around for a few years, social media is already so overpopulated and over fragmented that it can be difficult for marketers to stand out amongst their competitors, as nothing is new and exciting anymore, we have all become accustomed to marketing as we are bombarded with it throughout all periods of the waking day. Learn how to formulate a social media marketing strategy that actually delivers…


Define your goal

You are not going to get very far or be able to track your analytics and determine what is successful and what is not if you don’t have a clear goal of what you are trying to achieve from the beginning. Goals are important to steer you in the right direction and ensure that you are making the right decisions that are in line with your end goal. Perhaps you are wanting to drive conversions or maybe you want to increase your engagement or even drive traffic to your website? Whatever the goal is, determine it from the beginning. 


Target Audience

You are not going to get very far with your social media marketing if you are not targeting the right audience whom are interested in what you are selling, so it is important to think hard about who your target audience is. Consider everything about your target consumer:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Pain points
  • Where can you find this audience? What social media platforms do they use? What time are they online?
  • Interests


Analyse the market 

Who are your competitors? Where do they sit within the market? What social media platforms do they use? What is their social media strategy? What type of content do they publish? Can you track their keywords? 

Conduct a full competitor analysis to determine these questions above so that you know exactly where your competitors lie and so that you can go one step above to outperform them. 


Choose your platform/s

Once you have gathered the information above, by now you should have a fair idea of who your target audience is and what social media platforms you will most likely find them on. Select the most appropriate social media platform/s that will suit your both your goals as well as target your audience. 


Select your content

Choose the most appropriate content that is relevant to your audience and create a plan. Include a healthy mix of different formats (imagery, videos, text) which will assist in keeping your audience engaged. Trial different copy and CTA text as well to see what resonates best with your audience. 

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Sit back and analyse 

By now your social media marketing efforts will be live and you will be able to check in to see how it is going. Study the performance and make any changes if you see fit. We would recommend not making any changes (unless it is really needed) during the first two weeks as it is important to give the marketing efforts a fair go, allowing it to settle in efficiently. 


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